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our story

Honest2Goodness Wines, or H2G for short, was founded in 2009 by brother and sister team, Colm and Brid Carter. It was founded at a time when Ireland had really taken to discovering wine and was open to new experiences. It was also born into a recession. The range has grown over the past decade but at the core are producers, grape varieties and wines that are interesting, left of centre and offer great value at every price point.
Originally the company was an importer & wholesaler of wine to the independent retail sector and to the on-trade – restaurants, wine bars and hotels. It became clear that the Covid-19 Pandemic necessitated adding an on-line presence to grow the retail service. There will also be a continuing focus on the independent retail sector with a range of exclusive wines and the on-trade with a specifically tailored price list.

our wines

Our focus is on local European wines and the shortest journey possible. All our wines come from small to medium sized, independent, family run producers along with a handful of forward thinking wine co-ops.

The sourcing and selection of our wines is painstaking. There is a strong focus on environmentally friendly production – organic, biodynamic and/or sustainably produced wines with low-intervention viticulture and winemaking. Here at Honest2Goodness we love an underdog so we like working with producers who champion and nurture local and rare grape varieties, have interesting backstories and provide gender balance in their winemaking teams.

However, most important of all – our wines are great value (not low cost) and incredibly drinkable. The wines are consistently good and offer consistently good value and quality. Value and quality that few Irish importers can match. And 95% of the wines are exclusively imported by H2G.

Bland, mediocre wines do not feature in the H2G portfolio and every wine encapsulates where it comes from – they have a true sense of place. The range is constantly evolving to reflect emerging grape varieties and new interesting regions.

What exactly makes our wines so good?

Well, we go out of our way to look for wines and wine makers that demonstrate:

  • A commitment to environmentally friendly and sustainable practices such as organic & biodynamic production (or are in conversion to), HVE, Terra Vitis or SQNPI.
  • Pure grape growing & wine making – some people say natural but we prefer to say low-intervention.
  • Diversity of region and grape variety.
  • Promotion of indigenous and rare grape varieties.
  • Character and back-stories – people rooted in their local community.
  • Promotion and recognition of female wine makers or female owners.
  • Most importantly – the wines must demonstrate value and drinkability at every price point. We constantly ask ourselves – “Would I bring it home and drink it myself?”

our people

Colm Carter

Colm spent many years on the Corporate treadmill working for a B2B international electronics company. Due to business travel he was exposed to the breadth of great wines that we did not have readily available in Ireland at the time. This was in the 1990’s and white Burgundy became his first vinous love. In 2003 he decided to give up the constant business travel and jumped ship to the wine industry. He worked for Oddbins Baggot St and Sweeney’s Glasnevin, both great learning grounds. In 2007 he completed his WSET Level 4 Diploma. Since the formation of H2G he’s spearheaded the distribution of the wines into the trade and has had a big part to play in the sourcing of the wines.

Wine Heaven

A glass of Nebbiolo overlooking the Langhe hills with some seared lamb. A glass of Assyrtiko enjoying the sunset on Santorini accompanied by some shellfish.

Wine Hell

Gamay or any red wine made by carbonic maceration.

Brid Carter

Just as Colm was bringing the Corporate treadmill to a stop, Brid’s life long passion to work with food was coming to the surface once more. During her formative years, Brid had floated the idea of forging a career in the food industry but was persuaded by her mother to settle for a career in the public service. Many, many moons later she left the public sector and got her chef’s credentials from Cooks Academy and passed her WSET Advanced Cert shortly after. She started a food and wine education business with Colm that morphed into the launch of Honest2Goodness in 2009.

Wine Heaven

Cabernet Franc from the Loire, Cannonau, or a complex structured white enjoyed with a view of the Med!

Wine Hell

Badly made wine from any variety drunk anytime, anyplace or anywhere.

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