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spotlight on MONTSANT D.O. wines @ H2G Wines

Montsant is a relatively small wine producing area in Catalonia, very near Tarragona.

We’ve been doing a bit of hunting here at H2G wines in the rich grounds of Monsant D.O., located in Southern Catalonia. It was a D.O. created in 2001 and surrounds the more famous and prestigious area of Priorat DOQ. It makes wines similar to Priorat but perhaps a bit lighter and with it’s own character and mercifully lower price points! As the name suggests, it is quite mountainous (200-700M asl) and makes predominantly red wine. The area is now a hotbed of young small producers and we’ve started with Jordi Puxeu Blanch’s Reversibles Tinto – a delicious 100% Garnacha. Jordi was introduced to us by our friends the Gallagher family last September in the historic town of Falset, where he makes this wine in tiny quantities with 3 friends. To say the wine took a roundabout route to finally reach us here in Ireland doesn’t really start to tell the story. Between Jordi disappearing off to Morocco on a motorcycling holiday amongst other delays, to the wine going missing in a huge warehouse for 8 weeks we thought the wine would never reach us! We think the wine has been well worth the wait but you can decide yourself – learn more or buy here. We’ll tell you more about the Gallagher family’s project involving wine and hospitality in later posts. For now keep drinking good wine and eating good food until we speak next!

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