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Red wine

Christine Cabri Un pas de cote Organic Saint Mont AOC

Meaning, “a step to the side”, this is the work of five different winegrowers in the town of Plaisance in the low Pyrenees. A blend of Tannat, Cabernet Sauvignon and Pinenc. Organic methods allow nature to shine. It ages for up to 12 months in oak and results in a wine that displays black fruit, sweet spice and mellow, meaty flavours. Another wine of discovery.

South-west France
Organic, Vegan
Alcohol level*
Tannat, Pinenc, Cabernet Sauvignon

21.00 19.00

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*Alcohol levels are indicative and may vary from vintage to vintage.

the producer

Plaimont Terroirs et Chateaux

As Caves Co-operatives come, they don’t come any better than Plaimont. It has the bigger picture of Saint Mont AOC and Gascony at heart, representing 800 growers and 10 chateaux including Chateau St. Go and Chateau Crouseilles. Everything they do, under the watchful eye of Head Winemaker Christine Cabri, they do well. They have revived rare and lost local grape varieties making the region one of discovery, again. The Cave produces a range of high quality whites and reds from the Saint Mont and Madiran AOCs. It also produces new and interesting IGP whites.

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