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Sweet wine

Celita Ravaioli Nespoli Teluccio Dessert Wine

Made from late harvested Sangiovese grapes, Teluccio is a delicious sweet red wine. Grapes are left on the vine to dry and concentrate sugar levels before harvesting and fermenting. The result is a terrific sweet red wine with intense black fruit, prunes and notes of dark chocolate. An excellent wine to pair with chocolate based desserts or enjoy on its own.

Emilia Romagna
Alcohol level*

21.95 18.65

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*Alcohol levels are indicative and may vary from vintage to vintage.

the producer

Poderi dal Nespoli

Nespoli has been owned by 4 generations of the Ravaioli family before going into a partnership with MondodelVino in 2010. The family blueprint is still very much on the vines and the winery with Celita Ravaioli becoming the estate’s winemaker in 2004 – she has had much critical success, going from strength to strength. The calling card of Nespoli is juicy, complex Sangiovese red wines. Due to their position in the Bidente Valley, (where a cooling breeze helps slow, even ripening) the aromatic and refreshing nature of the whites surprises quite a few people. All in all the wines offer a fantastic alternative to Tuscan reds and whites of more established areas in Italy.

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