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Domaine de Moulines Cabernet Sauvignon

An unfiltered Cabernet Sauvignon with lots and lots of character made from organically grown grapes. On the nose there is spice, touches of capsicum with blackcurrant and cassis typical of the variety. The palate has the same dark fruits with a bit of lifted violet with nice silky tannins. A delightful wine that registers a little higher on the body scale than the estate’s Merlot.

Organic, Vegan
Alcohol level*
Cabernet Sauvignon


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*Alcohol levels are indicative and may vary from vintage to vintage.

the producer

Domaine de Moulines

Both properties are owned and run by the Saumade family – grandfather Gerard, father Michel and son Charles – 3rd, 4th and 5th generations respectively. Moulines is located on the flat coastal plain between the Mediterranean Sea and the inland garrigues. In the 1980s Charles made the bold decision to switch from just grape-growing and to invest in wine-making as well. The focus is now on innovative IGP wines, grape varieties and quality over quantity. There is a freshness in the air at these properties that is reflected in the wines.

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