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Red wine

Bobal en Calma

A wine made from the Bobal variety which although relatively unknown outside of Spain until recently, is Spain’s second most grown red variety. Made from 45 year old vines it is aged 9 months in oak. A smooth full bodied red with dark fruit, spice, liquorice and earthy notes for which the variety is famous.

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*Alcohol levels are indicative and may vary from vintage to vintage.

the producer

Dominio de la Vega

Based near Reqeuna some 70km inland from the city of Valencia, Domino de la Vega was born almost 20 years ago in which time they have earned a great reputation for their Cavas and Red Bobal based wines. DDLV are in conversion to organic certification and have been tending their old vines in this way for many years. Their vineyards are planted in an area where the Mediterranean blends with the Continental influence which allows for cooler climate Cavas and warmer climate full bodied reds (during an April 2019 visit there was a 10C difference between the coast and the winery). If you’re looking for complex sparkling wines or full bodied reds then look no further!

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