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DomaineS de Moulines ET DE fIGUEIRASSE



Both properties are owned and run by the Saumade family – grandfather Gerard, father Michel and son Charles – 3rd, 4th and 5th generations respectively. Moulines is located on the flat coastal plain between the Mediterranean Sea and the inland garrigues. In the 1980s Charles made the bold decision to switch from just grape-growing and to invest in wine-making as well. The focus is now on innovative IGP wines, grape varieties and quality over quantity. There is a freshness in the air at these properties that is reflected in the wines.

Figueirasse is located immediately beside the sea on the sands of the Petit Camargue. The locals include flamingoes and the white horses of the Camargue. This is an ecological balancing act. The Grenache Gris vines grow close to the beach on barely 80cm of sand below which is a thin layer of fresh, ground water. If this fresh water is absent the vines will draw from the underlying salt water. That would spell disaster. But it is about balance as this location adds that touch of salinity that is unique.

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