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Chateau la rode – famille FAUX



Chateau La Rode has been in the ownership of the Faux family since 1963. Today the estate is managed by Christine Faux. It is located in Saint-Philippe d’Aiguilhe, not too far from the limestone plateau of St-Emilion, on the slopes of Castillon la Bataille. The highest point on the estate is 110m – pretty high for Bordeaux. In total the Estate covers 23 hectares and being a Right Bank vineyard, Merlot makes up much of this. Since 2012 the Estate has been certified Organic. The estate benefits from a geographical situation whereby the vines are predominantly planted from east to west. Meaning lots of moderate sunshine throughout the day coupled with well drained soils. Today, Jean Luc Thunevin, one of St. Emilion’s most famous and best winemakers, is a consultant to Chateau La Rode.

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