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Christmas Wine suggestions @ H2G Wines

Negotiating the minefield that is matching wine with your Christmas food can be a bit tricky to say the least – but fear not - here is a guide to help!

We put ourselves under a lot of pressure to produce perfect food over the Christmas period so here are some tips and recommendations to lessen the stress on the wine side.

Sparkling Choices!

Some people prefer a straightforward fruity Prosecco Frizzante whilst others prefer a complex Champagne. But the smart sparkling drinker knows there is a middle ground to suit most tastes and tighter budgets too – Cava from Spain. Made in the same way as Champagne, Cava in general shows a little less secondary flavours and more fruit than Champagne. It also has enough weight to multi-task as not only an apertif but also as a nice pairing to seafood and white meats.

For a delicious, straightforward sparkler try our Idilicum Cava from Dominio de la Vega.

If you prefer something more complex to rival Champagne but at a fraction of the price try our Cava Brut Reserva Especial also from Dominio de la Vega.


Unless you’re like me and you like to match each course with something different why not choose an all-round wine that will suit different courses and occasions.

These 3 whites will go with seafood, turkey, game and are also lovely on their own.

Equally if you choose the right red it can match turkey, game, lamb and beef at a push. All 4 choices below have round, smooth tannins so can also be enjoyed on their own.

Nailed on Classic Matches

Some things just go together. So here are some matches that work an absolute treat – trust us, they’ve been tried and tested!

Party Quaffers

Always good to have a few crowd pleasing whites and reds in your back pocket for when friends call around. These selections are perfect.



Blow Out Wines

If the budget were unlimited these are the 3 wines (1 white, 1 red and 1 sweet wine) that I would pick to give yourself something extraordinary!

  • Belondrade y Lurton Rueda – One of Spain’s best whites – huge complexity and power.
  • Domenico Clerico Barolo – Barolo can often need a fair bit of time to come around. But this is made by Domenico Clerico the masters of making early approachable Barolo – a powerful wine from 2017.
  • 12 Year Old Vinsanto – An incredible sweet wine with an array of complex flavours with salted caramel to the fore.

The case for 6 – Christmas Wine Case

Full case price €137.80 – with 15% discount & FREE delivery – €117.

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