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MARKING INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAY – Balanced wine, balanced wine making.

As wine drinkers we’re always looking for balance in our wines. Where no one element dominates or out-shines another. But, when it comes to wine making we tend not to think about “balance”.

We have traditionally paid little attention to gender balance amongst those who make our wines. But that has been changing over the last 5 to 10 years. Whilst there is still a long way to go in a traditionally male dominated industry, women have been taking more senior roles in winery ownership, wine making and viticulture. And as consumers, we’re getting more interested in that.

It is generally accepted that the female palate is more discerning. Women have more taste receptors on the tongue and as a result women are generally better at identifying, subtle aromas. These receptors send aroma signals to the olfactory bulb area of the brain triggering a smell or aroma memory and recollection.

As wine making is ultimately about tasting, judging, tweaking and perfecting the wine, it’s kind of ironic that women are under-represented in wine making – considering that they are scientifically proven to have more precise and consistent tasting ability than men.

And, it is no coincidence that as women come to the fore in the wine industry and assume more control of, or influence in the wine making process, the wines of this era are lighter, fresher and more balanced and elegant than 20 years ago. At H2G wines we try to highlight and promote female wine makers, viticulturists and winery owners as much as possible. One of our sourcing criteria is to seek out wines with a strong female influence. And we have talented women influencing and making great wines from all around Europe.

From the tactile ownership of Anne Landureau at Ch. Haut Myles in the Medoc and Carmen Enciso at Valenciso in Rioja, to the natural vineyard work of Caroline and Corinne Andrieu at Clos Fantine, to the magic that our female wine makers create in the winery.


Le Anfore di Elena Casadei 2018 Olianas – dark, rich and aged in amphora – only 4,900 bottles are made. €35.00
Celita Ravaioli – Pagedebit di Romagna – clean & refreshing with stone fruit, nectarine and orange blossom. €14.95
Milena Pepe – Tenuta Pepe Taurasi DOCG – mellow & refined with cherry fruit, smoke, tobacco and licorice. €28.00
Veronica Salgado – Capricho Crianza – nuanced & complex – black and forest fruit, mocha and balsamic notes. €25.00
Rita Marques – Contraste Douro Red – rich, powerful and balanced with blackberry, violets, smoke and spice. €23.50
Christine Cabri – Chateau St. Go Red St. Mont – full & rich, firm tannins and nice acidity, dark fruit, spice & earth €25.95

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